Sunday Day of Mindfulness – 2023.06.11

The Day of Mindfulness (DOM) is mainly facilitated by the monks and nuns of AIAB with the intention to bring the practices of Buddhism into daily life. It is a day for us to experience the happiness of the present moment simply by having a series of mindfulness practice activities. The mindfulness practice will help us to become more focus and attentive in our daily life. Practicing together is indeed very happy and enjoyable!

The DOM is free-of-charge and welcomes all, regardless of your religious background and experiences.

The program of the DOM is tentative as follows:

Time Program
09:30 Orientation for new friends
10:00 Walking Meditation
11:00 Dharma Talk – 1st to 3rd week

Q&A – 4th week

12:30 Formal Lunch
13:30 Total Relaxation
14:30 1st week  – 5 Mindfulness Trainings Recitation Ceremony & Dharma Discussion

2nd week – Dharma Discussion / separate activities for Wake Up Group (footnote 1)

3rd week – 14 Mindfulness Trainings Recitation Ceremony & Dharma Discussion

4th week – Q&A / Children Program & Dharma Discussion

We will open the space for 80 friends to join the DOM on first-come-first serve basis. Registration window will be open on every Monday 22:00 until Friday 22:00, or seats are fully occupied. Registration will help the monastic to prepare lunch and other activities. There is no separate email sent as confirmation.

Language: English with Cantonese Translation

Please dress in a respectful manner as this is a monastery. Please do not wear shorts or tank tops (singlets), or V-neck shirts. Loose attire is preferred and the most comfortable for sitting meditation. We will also feel more at ease around the monastic brothers and sisters. You may need sun blocks, umbrella, insect repellent… based on your needs.

You are encouraged to stay for the whole day to practice and nourish your body and mind.  Should you have any question, please email to


  1. Wake Up Group welcomes aged 18 – 35 young people. Separate activities will be led by the monastic.

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