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Friendly Reminder/News

1. Temperature in Ngong Ping is 5-7 °C lower than in town.  If you visit Lotus Pond Temple/Bamboo Forest Monastery, please wear warm clothes.

2. New contents in the “Sangha Sharing” page (under menu Resources, Sangha Sharing):

  • The article collection from sangha regarding the “Remembering of Thay” is now ready.  Most of the passages are in Chinese.
  • “Inviting Thay Ashes back to home”
  • Sharing for joining Thay’s memorial ceremony: Follow the flow to become Thay’s continuation


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Upcoming Events

Sunday Day of Mindfulness – 2023.02.05

  •  2023-02-05 09:30 - 16:30
  •  Lotus Pond Temple, Ngong Ping, Lantau Island
  •  free

The Day of Mindfulness (DOM) is mainly facilitated by the monks and nuns of AIAB with the intention to bring the practices of Buddhism into daily life. It is a day for us to experience the happiness of the present moment simply by having a series of mindfulness practice activities. The mindfulness practice will help us to become more focus and attentive in our daily life. Practicing together is indeed very happy and enjoyable! The DOM is free-of-charge and welcomes all, regardless of your religious background and experiences. The program of the DOM is temporary adjusted to as follows: Time Program 09:30 Orientation for new friends 10:00 Walking Meditation 11:00 Dharma Talk – 1st to 3rd week Q&A – 4th week 12:30 Lunch 13:30 Total Relaxation 14:30 1st week  – 5 Mindfulness Trainings Recitation Ceremony & Dharma Discussion 2nd week – Dharma Discussion / separate activities for Wake Up Group (footnote 1) 3rd week – 14 Mindfulness Trainings Recitation Ceremony & Dharma Discussion 4th week – Q&A / Children Program & Dharma Discussion We will open the space for 80 friends to join the DOM on first-come-first serve basis. Registration window will be open on every Monday 22:00 until Friday 22:00, or seats are fully occupied. The information in the registration will help us well prepare for the Day of Mindfulness activities.  Please register one with one friend and avoid register for the group. Language: English with Cantonese Translation You are encouraged to stay for the whole day to practice and nourish your body and mind. The temperature at Ngong Ping is lower than town, please wear / bring warmth clothes with you, especially for practicing Total Relaxation in the afternoon.  Should you have any question, please email to Footnote: Wake Up Group welcomes aged 18 – 35 young people. A separate activities will be led by the monastic.

Friday Night Mindfulness Practice (2023 Jan / Feb)

  •  2023-02-17 19:00 - 21:00
  •  Zoom & Central
  •  Free of Charge

Bi-monthly Theme: Cultivating the Mine of Love In the coming 2 months, we will be reading Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh’s book ‘Cultivating the Mind of Love’. In this book, Thay has given a most unusual Dharma teaching: the story of his first love. He pairs these personal memories with his insightful commentaries on classic Buddhist teachings, including the Diamond Lotus, Avatamsaka, and Vimalakirti Sutras. In combining personal experience and Dharma teachings. Thay allows his readers to experience and to appreciate what is human and wonders in all of us. He shows us how to cultivate our own “mind of love”, how to bring joy and hope to ourselves and those around us. In the coming four Friday Nights, we will be practicing together and reading Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh’s book ‘̉Cultivating the Mind of Love’. Please join us in this practice. Dates Date Time (UTC +8) Location Language 2023 Jan 6th 19:30 – 21:15 Online (Zoom) English 2023 Jan 20th 19:00 – 21:00 Central Cantonese 2023 Feb 3rd 19:30 – 21:15 Online (Zoom) English 2023 Feb 17th 19:00 – 21:00 Central Cantonese The zoom link will be provided upon successful registration. Registration here is only for online practices. Registration for practices in Central will be open on the Monday of that week. Please visit this page again by then. Please join 5 minutes earlier to settle ourselves down in silence. English poster Chinese poster

Nourishing Our Togetherness – 2023 Spring Retreat

  •  2023-01-26 17:00 - 2023-01-29 14:30
  •  Lotus Pond Temple, Ngong Ping, Lantau Island
  •  HK$1,500

The retreat is full.  Registration window is closed. You are invited to attend a retreat, celebrating the Lunar New Year/Spring Festival of the year 2023, at AIAB – LotusPond Temple. The theme of this retreat is Nourishing Our Togetherness, which helps to cultivate the peace and happiness that we can offer to ourselves and to others with our presence. This is our first retreat held at AIAB – Lotus Pond Temple since the Covid-19 pandemic, which had prevented us from holding on-site retreat since 2020. We are happy to welcome you and to be with you in this retreat for a simple reason: to be aware of our presence. Life is available and is wonderful when we are present in the here and now. In this retreat, we will practice mindfulness as a way of life, where everything we do like breathing, walking, eating, smiling …. is an act of mindfulness. We will enjoy the beautiful sky, the trees, the walking path, the flowers around us. We will listen to dharma talks and participated in dharma sharing on how to live fully in the present moments and to cultivate togetherness, making our presence a precious gift to ourselves and others. The tentative schedule is as follows: Date/Time Thur. Jan. 26 Fri. Jan. 27 Sat. Jan. 28 Sun. Jan 29 5:15   Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up 6:00   Sitting & Slow Walking & Reading Discourse Outdoor walking, sitting & breakfast 7:00   10 Mindful Movements & Walking Meditation 8:00   Breakfast Breakfast 9:15   Working Meditation Working Meditation Working Meditation 10:30 Dharma Talk Dharma Talk Questions & Answers 12:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch,Closing Circle, Fare well & Happy Continuation of the practice at home 14:00 Total Relaxation 15:00 Registration Group sharing Group sharing 16:45 Exercise Exercise / Consultation 18:00 Dinner 19:30 Dharma Talk Touching the Earth Beginning Anew 21:30 Rest – Noble Silence Retreat will be conducted in English with […]

Celebration for Year of Rabbit in AIAB – 2023.01.21

  •  2023-01-21 18:00 - 2023-01-23 18:00
  •  Lotus Pond Temple, Ngong Ping, Lantau Island
  •  Free (Suggest $150 for one night if staying overnight)

You are welcome to join the Chinese New Year activities to celebrate the Year of Rabbit with us in AIAB.  Here are the details: January 21,  2023 Saturday (30th of Lunar Month) 18:00          Dinner 19:30          Walking Meditation 20:30          Be-In (please prepare and share your happiness with us, e.g. a song, a poem, playing instruments) 22:00          Resting 23:30          Sitting Meditation & Welcome the New Year Ceremony   January 22, 2023 Sunday (1st of Lunar Month) 10:00             Offering New Year Wishes & Oracle Reading at Lotus Pond Temple 12:00             Lunch (at Lotus Pond Temple) 14:30            Visiting Bamboo Forest Monastery (visit Brother’s room) & Offering New Year wishes to Brothers 18:00          Dinner (at Bamboo Forest Monastery)   January 23, 2023 Monday (2nd of Lunar Month) 10:00             Sitting – Chanting & Oracle Reading at Lotus Pond Temple 12:00             Lunch (at Bamboo Forest Monastery) 14:30             Visiting Lotus Pond Temple (visit Sister’s room) & Offering New Year wishes to Sisters 18:00          Dinner (at Lotus Pond Temple)   You are welcome to join the above activities. Please fill in the attached google form for each person and tell us (1) which date you will join, (2) will join lunch / dinner or not, (3) will stay overnight after the New Year Ceremony or not (4) if Yes, please let us know the number of male and female.   If you stay overnight, we invite you to bring along your sleeping bed or bed sheet & pillow case in order to preserve the precious water in washing bed linens.  The suggested contribution for the night is $150. If you plan to leave after the New Year Ceremony on January 21, […]

星期五晚修習@中環 (實體) – 2023.01.20

  •  2023-01-20 19:00 - 21:00
  •  中環(詳細地址於成功報名後,在報名系統中顯示)
  •  免費

每月第三個星期五在中環舉行「星期五晚共修@中環」,是在市內 「輕型」實體版修習活動,也是以粵語為語言溝通為主。我們有機會與社區的其他同修一起練習正念。 以此我們可產生強大的集體能量,在忙碌的一周之後,為我們自己和世界帶來療癒和轉化。 參加共修不需要任何經驗和費用,最好穿著寬鬆舒適的衣服,亦希望大家能預早 10 分鐘到達,好讓能夠讓身心平靜下來。星期五晚共修@中環必須報名。報名連續會在該活動的星期一晚上十時開放,直至星期四晚上十時或額滿即止。 地點:中環 (詳細地址於成功報名後,在報名系統中顯示) 如果您有任何問題,請發送電子郵件至 。 我們期待在周五晚上的練習中與您一起練習。    

Latest News

Peace In Every Step, Freedom In Every Smile – Parallel Verses for the Lunar New Year

Peace In Every Step, Freedom In Every Smile – Parallel Verses for the Lunar New Year Plum Village offers these parallel verses to mark Tết, the Lunar New Year. Thich Nhat Hanh has established a tradition, on the eve of the Lunar New Year, of offering the sangha a simple poetic couplet in calligraphy that can inspire and nurture our mindfulness practice throughout the year. Thay’s innovation has been to offer the couplet in English, French and Vietnamese. Sangha based on Vietnamese and translated into Chinese, and wrote the calligraphy. The Plum Village Community is very happy to continue this beautiful tradition. Read more about this tradition and print off your own version for displaying around your home: Chinese: Other languages: Freedom In Every Smile – Parallel Verses for the Lunar New Year There are small amount Chinese, English and Vietnamese couples are ready in AIAB/Plum Village, Lotus Pond Temple, Ngong Ping and the Hanli (16A CKK Commercial Centre, 289 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong). They are free to pick up until last stock.

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2023 AIAB Retreats

Below is the schedule for 2023 retreat.  Detailed information will be released around 1.5 month before the event.  Please pencil down in your calendar. April 6 – 10, 2023 5 days / 4 nights   Spring Retreat Jul 27 – 30, 2023 4 days / 3 nights   Summer Family Retreat Oct 19 – 23, 2023 5 days / 4 nights   Autumn Body Mind Health Retreat We look forward to practice with you in the retreat.

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Continuation of Thay’s Compassion and Insight 2022.10.11 …continued

We would like to share the other two phases from Zen Master Thich Nanh Hanh showing on KMB. The sangha gather together today and transformed the bus into the meditation hall.  We practiced singing meditation, listening to Thẩy and Thẩy Pháp Niem’s ‘The Great Bell Chant’. We also had sharing session and chanting ‘May the day be well’.  These four phases also be transformed as free postcards to friends. They are distributed here : 1 AIAB/Plum Village Hong Kong, Lotus Pond Temple, Ngong Ping, Lantau Island 2 The Han Lai – 16A CKK Commercial Centre, 289 Hennessy Road, Hong Kong 

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Continuation of Thay’s compassion and Insights 2022 Oct 11

As from October 11, 2022, you may find these Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh’s teaching stickers on KBM buses. Venerable Cheung Lin took the photos when he joined the Winter Rain Retreat in Plum Village, France.  Venerable also designed the stickers, sponsored by plum Village friends and KBM, the stickers were appeared on Thẩy’s Continuation Day. We wish these quotes will nourishing everyone’s peace and joy.   You are welcome to take photo with them and share with your friends, helping to sow peaceful seeds in everyone’s heart.  

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Notes for Visiting – Prevention & Control of COVID-19

Under Cap. 599F Prevention and Control of Disease (Requirements and Directions) (Business and Premises) Regulation, religious venues are included in the Scheduled Premises. When you visit Lotus Pond Temple, upon arrival, please go to the Dinning hall to use your “Leave Home Safe” mobile application to scan the QR code, and scan your Vaccine Pass If you are not feeling well fail to provide the captioned QR codes for scanning, or invalid Vaccine Pass have positive test result on Rapid Antigen Test or COVID-19 Nucleic Acid Test within 7 days Please stay at home and take rest. Thank you.

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