2024 AIAB Celebrated the Year of Dragon

On the first day of CNY, the fourth fold sangha gathered in Lotus Pond Temple while the city was still sleeping. We paid our respect to our teacher, Thấy. We vowed to practice diligently in the coming year.

After the ceremony, we had Oracle reading. Monastic suggested “mindful solution” to friends’ enquiry according to the verse that the friend got.

We, then, had mindful picnic lunch.

In the afternoon, there was Lion Dancing in Bamboo Forest Monastery, the place where Brothers are living. The naughty lion and the “Bug Head Buddha” played around. Friends used Red Pockets to attract the lion came closed to them. It was full of laughter.

Then, we visited Brothers’ room. This is the only chance lay friends visit monastic’s room every year. Brothers decorated their room so peaceful and elegant. We sat down, chatted, drank tea. Enjoyed the moment being together. Some friends left and went home due to the traffic, while some friends stayed to have dinner and had tea, coffee in their room again.



On the second day of CNY, we didn’t have the morning sitting and chanting. We slept until 7, woke up and had breakfast.

The other activities were same as the first day, except this time was Sisters’ turn.

Thanks to the monastic’s beautiful work. They just came back from Vietnam a week ago.


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