Plum Village HK 2023 June Newsletter

We have the following major events took place in May and early June.

Vesak Celebration

On the Sunday of May 21st, we had the Vesak Celebration (Celebration of Buddha birthday) in Lotus Pond Temple. We all had a chance to bathe the baby Buddha to commemorate his teaching passed down 2000 years ago and to cultivate the Buddha nature within ourselves. Thay Phap Kham also delivered an insightful dharma talk, reminding us of our aspirations of becoming Buddha-to-be.


Zen for 1000 Carnival 2023 千人禪修嘉年華

Zen for 1000 Carnival (千人禪修嘉年華2023) took place at Jao Tsung-I Academy over the most recent weekend on June 3rd and 4th. This event provided attendees with an array of meditative and artistic experiences, such as tea meditation, mindful calligraphy, and copying of Buddhist texts, among others. Additionally, Plum Village Hong Kong also facilitated dharma talk workshops, a mindfulness singing session, and introduced the practice of walking meditation and total relaxation to the general public.


Breathe and Smile

Plum Village Hong Kong

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