Sharing for joining Thay’s memorial ceremony: Follow the flow to become Thay’s continuation

10 Jan 2023, which is Lunar calendar 19 Dec of the year of the tiger, is the one-year anniversary of the pass away of Thay.  The Root Temple in Hue, Vietnam, Plum Village France, all Plum Village Centres and the Plum Village Hong Kong held the memorial ceremony on the same day.

Drizzle rain in the early morning feels like spring coming as well as the compassion rain from the Bodhisattva, we took taxi to drive up the hill in the mist and arrived safely in the temple.  Greetings with Sr. Tu Nghiem and she said we can help when Peggy comes.  So Funfong and I wait outside and saw Peggy taking 2 bags and a luggage walking in the rain, so we naturally took the luggage and helped to transport it to the Bamboo Forest.

We saw Brothers and Sisters peacefully and joyfully preparing food and setting up tables to show our respect and serve lunch for the Venerable after the ceremony.  So naturally, we helped in ironing the table clothes and runners peacefully. We finished at the right time walked back joyfully to the Buddha Hall to join the ceremony.

We are grateful for the Venerable coming to support the four-fold sangha for the ceremony held in Vietnamese and English and with Cantonese translation for them.

While drizzling rain compassionately falling, Brother Linh Cam leaded the ceremony in English, Thay Phap Chung chanted resonantly in Vietnamese, Brother Courage solemnly invited the bell, Bother Dai Lao invited the fish drum, the four-fold sangha respectfully touching the earth, the ceremony is full of peace and warmth.

After the ceremony everyone is joyfully enjoying the loving lunch prepared by Sister Trang Nghiem and Sr. Dong Hai’s team.  Seeing Johnson washing the pot, Funfong and I naturally help the working meditation peacefully with him.

Drizzle compassionate rains farewell us when I leave with FunFong and Angela joyfully enjoying the scenery.  We felt deeply grateful that we can learnt from Thay to guide our life in this misty world, I felt the drizzle rain throughout the day reminds us of Thay’s compassion and our sangha – Rain of Compassion Sangha.

During the Christmas gathering, I shared that though I have the wish to support the sangha and the community but do not have any concrete plan or actions as my health is always ups and downs, during the day of the memorial ceremony, the insights is to follow the flow to help peacefully and joyfully and don’t think too much.

We sincerely hope that we are able to continue to practice and support the sangha and become Thay’s continuation.


With deep gratitude and bow

Calmness peaceful of the heart

11 Jan 2023

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